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  • Drivetrain

    May 7, 2021 at 11:32 pm

    Toyota Land Cruiser

    Toyota Land Cruiser, the best Japanese built

    to weather hills and crevices throughout.

    Up and down, down again and up –

    surmount we ever, this endless bump?

    Toyota Land Cruiser, nimble powerful quick –

    “Punch it baby, through this endless thick!”

    Like a ballerina we glide slide and pirouette

    keeping form, as out-a-that hole we get.

    Toyota Land Cruiser, if ever a vehicle was made –

    rock stone and stubble, we miraculously evade.

    Red thick clay we find, archenemy no doubt…

    but I tell you comrade, we will certainly pull out.

    Toyota Land Cruiser, queen of Africa’s dirt –

    sway we may, out-a-control we furtively spurt.

    Hang on, endless wheels roar round,

    not so bad, this dang car can pound!

    Toyota Land Cruiser, Six Flags may not be

    but I tell you, such fun here is almost free!

    Our experience is only one, so wait again for more,

    Of endless tirades chant we, regarding Congo’s floor.

    a poetic description, by Bob Rice

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